12×12 Paper Storage

This is my long overdue project!  It totally makes me happy!  Crafting is a great stress reliever for me, but at times the chaos causes it’s own stress! I finally took the time to get control over my 12×12 paper.  My paper was previously stored in a variety of ziploc bags, which were slightly in order.  I replaced all the ziploc bags with clear record sleeves.  I love the sleek look.  I added labels to each sleeve for the color name. The sleeves are stored in Cropper Hopper cases that are turned on their side.  This keeps the papers upright without getting bent and allows easy access to the sleeves.

I am still working on the neutrals and my pattern papers are next.  There are a variety of record sleeves out there.  I went with a thicker sleeve, which will stand up to the constant use.  You can find the sleeves I used here.  Each sleeve easily holds 25 sheets of cardstock.  Truth be told, I have 50 sheets in some of the sleeves, but it is a tight fit.

This is fairly close to a before pic!  This is actually my 12×12 pattern paper, which will be next on the list to organize.  While the ziploc bags are functional, they are so not pretty to look at!  Now, if only I can keep the papers organized!

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6 thoughts on “12×12 Paper Storage”

  1. These look awesome! My loose papers are just stored upright on a bookshelf, and they tend to flop and bend and I hate that! I may have to invest in some of these. They look really sturdy and that they will stand up straight. Marilyn

    • Thanks so much! I think the key is having some kind of support every few inches. I feel like a drill sergeant, my papers must stand up straight! In the past I have stored them horizontally, but that takes up a lot of valuable storage space.

    • LOL, I failed to mention that I have had the supplies to do this for over a year! But, I so love the end result. Tackling the pattern papers today!


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