Copic Marker Storage

After months of my Copics being in portable storage…I decided it was time to update my color chart and expand my scrapbook room storage system.  I have used the “gutter system” for some time, but recently added on as my marker collection has grown.  That is part of the beauty of this system, you can add on as your system grows, the other part….it is a very inexpensive storage system!  

My storage system is made of a piece of gutter downspout material.  Depending on the length you want, the material only cost around $3 to $10!  You might even be able to score remnant pieces for free!  I purchased a 10 ft piece and have the leftovers in the garage. ( I have high hopes of my collection growing!)   I have left mine white as all of my shelving in my room is white.  This is by no means my original idea and I have seen numerous rooms that have painted their gutter storage to match.  Leaving mine white was the best look for me, plus no added time or cost painting!  I cut each of my sections at 5 1/2″ in length.  I am sure there are various ways to cut the material…..I just borrowed my dh’s miter box and a fine blade hacksaw.  Super quick and easy!  When I only had a couple of sections, I just ran some ATG tape along the sides to attach.  As my unit has grown, I have went over the backside with some clear packing tape to add stability to the unit.  Here is the material you are looking for:

Since I was adding to my storage unit, I knew it was also time to update my color chart.  Hand coloring a Copic color chart is a great way to match up colors to your project.  You can download your own chart here.  

Now I just need to convince my dh that I really need all of the slots colored in! Thanks so much for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Copic Marker Storage”

  1. Great idea for copic storage Allisa! I use a couple of utensil buckets I found for sale at Michaels and that works great for me, but I am going to pin this post in case I need to change in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. I was trying to find an inexpensive storage idea for my markers. My collection has outgrown my current one. With this being so easily expandable it is perfect!

  3. This may not be a new idea, but I've never seen it before and I think it's so genius, Allisa! Thank you for showing your unit together and the chart. I haven't ventured into the world of Copics yet … notice I say "yet," but when I do, I'll remember this!


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