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My craft room is in a bit of chaos at the moment with the new upcoming stamp releases.  I keep a separate area in my craft room for new releases and favorite stamps that are used often.  They currently reside on my sewing table.  I decided Mr. Sewing Machine could not play nice and proceeded to evict him from the room!  I also keep my 6×6 paper pads on this table…as they are quickly becoming a growing obsession.  As you can see, I have outgrown the stamp and paper pad storage! (If you look closely, you will be able to see some of the new releases!)  I tried to locate more of the little plastic cubes, but could only find them in colors that would greatly clash with my room.  Close To My Heart came to my rescue!  With the Spring/Summer catalog,we will have a Large Organizer, which is made to hold our acrylic stamps.  As you will soon see, it works great for 6×6 paper pads as well!  Here is a sneak peek…

I LOVE the new organizer.  Having a a lid…keeps out my four legged friends and also makes them stackable.  The handle is recessed, so you could easily stack these on top of each other for multiple cases.  Here is a look at my case filled with the stamp sets and paper that you saw above.

You can also purchase sturdy clear dividers to use in your case, you get 3 dividers and 10 labels in the package.  The extra labels will come in handy if you decided to change your organization at a later date.


I used the dividers for my paper pads to sort them by theme.

Here is the case filled and sitting every so neatly on my sewing table.  I might even have room for Mr. Sewing Machine to come pay a visit.

The new organizer gets a HUGE thumbs up from me!  There are also two other sizes of organizers currently available.  Foam inserts are available for storing craft boxes of embellishments and your blocks. You can view the current organizers here. I will be doing a post in the near future with my embellishment re-organization into the medium organizer.  The large organizer was the perfect solution for my paper pads and new releases. The organizer is advertised to hold 40 stamp sets.  I have 25 stamp sets on just one side.  For me, the case could easily hold 50 stamp sets.  The organizer will retail for $22.95 and will be available 2/1/13. Here is a look at my storage system for my other stamp sets.

I have been using this system for 15 years and it works well for me.  I organize my stamps by theme.  I am an equal opportunity stamper, so I have stamps from various companies.  At some point in the future, I plan on un-mounting the wood mounts to allow for more storage space. Hope you enjoyed the peak into my craft room!

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2 thoughts on “NEW Stamp & Paper Storage!”

  1. Thank you, Allisa, for taking the time to share your arrangement. It is fun to see another crafter who organizes by category! It worked perfectly when all my stamps were wooden, but the prospect of breaking up the clear stamp packages, with all their tiny bits and pieces, into categories … I'm staying tuned . . .

  2. Thanks Allisa! I have been needing something to organize mine and wasn't sure if I wanted baskets or what. I may just have to have one of these for my CTMH stamps and still maybe a couple of baskets for the SU and others. I still have some wooden mounted ones that I might take apart or something. Not sure at this time anyway. But, I do like the idea of keeping my four legged furbaby out of these! The recessed handle makes it nicer even. Thanks for also showing us the rest of your organizational stuff!

    Chris R. from Iowa


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