Papercrafting with Jamberry Nails!

 Taking a break in my regular postings to introduce you to Jamberry Nails!  What are Jamberry Nails you ask?  Jamberry nails are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to your nail.  They comes in a variety of styles and sizes to create your own unique look.  Children’s sizes are available as well!  I am sure you are wondering how this post relates to papercrafting!  For starters, I love sharing my crafting projects with you.  Many of you have requested video tutorials.  The main reason I have not done video tutorials is because my nails are hardly ever done!  When I find the time to paint my  nails….they usually chip within days.  I would rather have bare nails than chipped nails.  No way am I having either if they are the primary object you would be seeing on my videos!  My  nails are subject to alot of abuse…whether is be from home, work, or papercrafting.  When I first read about Jamberry nails and that they last for two weeks on nails…I was so EXCITED!  So excited, that I jumped right in and signed up to be a consultant without even seeing the product in person!  I knew I had to have these!  Here is a look at my before nails-

And my nails after applying Jamberry Nail Shields

I so prefer the after picture!  Now, I am putting them to the test.  I applied my nails yesterday.  I have since made about 5 cards, stamped wrapping paper for two birthday gifts as well as the usual amount of housework.  So far, so good.  I will be reporting back next week with how the nails are holding up.  I think most of us papercrafters subject our nails to a lot of abuse.  Between the inks and adhesives…not sure they stand a chance!  So far, all of my inks have washed off without staining.  My ATG gun adhesive peels right off the nail shield.

Here is a pic at some of the more popular styles:

There are over 300 styles available.  You can view them all here.  To jump start my venture into Jamberry Nails…I am having a Mystery Hostess party for October.  ANY order placed on my website and entered under the Oct Mystery Hostess drawing, will be entering into a drawing for the hostess gifts!  Hostess gifts include your choice of free products!  When you go to checkout, click on the Party box at the top of your check out form and click on Oct Mystery Hostess to be eligible for the drawing and free products!  The Mystery Hostess party will close on Oct 20, 2012.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.  Want to see a sample before you buy???  E-mail me and I will be happy to send you a sample to try! 

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  1. LOL, you know I had not even thought about that! I love all things horses….so I suppose that is why I tend to like the Dakota paper pack as well!


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