Pigment Ink Bliss!

While skimming through the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book at the Close To My Heart convention, I quickly honed in on the pigment ink organizer!  I am a  huge fan of the pigment ink pads.  I love their compact size and the awesome coverage they provide on my stamps.  Not to mention, I can now emboss in 40 colors with only one bottle of embossing powder!  Simply ink your stamp in the pigment ink of your choice and then cover in clear embossing powder to have instant colored embossing!  The pigment ink organizer was a dream come true!  

I started out my pigment ink collection about like any other ink collection……before you know it, I had to have them all….which resulted in 40 ink pads and then some. ( I also ordered backups!)  I started out storing my ink pads in an  unused stamp storage container that I already had in my office.  It started out great, then you can see I quickly outgrew it, my before pic-

No way is the lid closing anymore!  Not to mention if I needed to find a color, I was picking up each stack to see which color was which.  Thank goodness for the clear lids!  Now you can see why I fell in love with the pigment ink organizer!  There are actually two parts to the organizer, first up is the small organizer case, which has been available for some time now.

You then add the handy dandy pigment inks foam insert, which is the new exciting part!

The combination, gives you this…pigment ink bliss!

When not in use, close it up for storage or to take to your next event.

Each pigment ink pad sits into a little recessed area in the foam organizer.  This keeps all of your ink pads neat and tidy with the lids securely attached!  I use my Basic colors of pigment inks ALL of the time, so I actually have two sets stacked together in my photo.

If you are a sponge dauber addict, there is also a sponge dauber insert that will hold 60 sponge daubers.  I am nowhere near as obsessive with my sponge daubers as my pigment inks, so that insert has yet to make it to my craft room……but I know some of you will think that is a dream come true as well!  The inserts are available to order August 1, 2013.

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